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The Nest

Alkionides UK provides a homely environment, the 'Nest', in North London for Cypriot patients undergoing essential medical treatment that is not available in Cyprus. The government of Cyprus generously covers the enormous medical costs at the best hospitals in the UK but not transport or accommodation. Patients and their families typically need to stay for between a few days to many months. Our volunteers and psychologists visit them to provide moral support, translation and transport when required.

The Alkionides 'nest' is a six-bedroom house in North London, which is conveniently located for the main hospitals. We also provide Cypriot TV and Internet. Over the years the Alkionides 'Nest' has proved to be an invaluable facility where the patients feel at home, in a foreign country.
If you would like to help then please visit the Get Involved page to learn more.

February 2024: We have moved to our new home in North London

What a fantastic and eventful day it was.

Love Joe's drove down from Birmingham in three vans, a minibus and 17 volunteers to help us clean, pack, move and give us an amazing barbecue feast
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