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Sustaining membership

Dear Friends,

As we navigate these challenging times, many families continue to be in desperate need of our support and it is critical we keep on with our invaluable work. Because of Covid-19 we have postponed all fundraising events for the foreseeable future.These fundraisers are essential in keeping our work alive and we now have to consider other options to raise much-needed funds.

I very much hope you can consider becoming a Sustaining Member with a donation of £10 each month. This small donation by our supporters will go a long way in keeping us going. We are stronger together and I think we can all manage £10. Corporate Sustaining Members may like to join by donating £20-£50 a month. It is an amount we will hardly notice, but it will:

  • Continue to pay rent on the Alkionides ‘Nest’ that provides refuge to so many people in need and help our patients with transport and moral support.
  • Continue to support vulnerable people in the community, without delay, at their hour of need.
  • Continue to support 22 families with special needs as well as other people in need in the Midlands.

Moreover, your £10 will continue to keep our mission strong: To provide warmth during people’s coldest times. This may be the only way we can fundraise until further notice. Thank you for your invaluable support. Friends like you are the foundation of our operation and we are grateful to have you as part of the Alkionides family. As a Sustaining Member you will hold a special place in the Alkionides organisation.

  • Your £10 donation makes a huge impact on people’s lives
  • You will barely notice it on your charge card or checking account
  • It’s convenient and efficient
  • You offer year-round support to Alkionides
  • You can stop your monthly gift at any time


By making a sustaining monthly gift of £10, debited from your bank account or debit/credit card, you are able to help Alkionides in a huge way. Sustaining monthly members will help us raise funds and continue to help people in critical need. You can continue to help lighten the load of many desperate people with only a small donation each month.

Alkionides UK account at Lloyds Bank:
Account no: 04712789
Sort-Code: 30-96-96

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